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Product update:

Due to customer feedback LabDevice improved their current probes. They feature now a green led which is indicating that the USB power is connected.

Further the CMRR of the device got improved. This allows even more accurate measurements at high frequencies.


New video online.:

There is a new video which shows how to measure the PWM currents of a dimmed LED. The PWM signal which is used for dimming the LED has a very high base frequency ~60kHz. Current measurements with the LabDevice low cost current probes are no problem even with this high frequency.


Other possible applications for the LabDevice current probes:

  • Power estimations for battery powered devices
  • IC testing / verification
  • Inrush current measurements
  • Rechargeable systems testing / verification
  • Many other applications which require accurate measurements of currents

LabDevice launched their first two products:

Have you ever ask yourself how to measure and display current instead of voltage with an oscilloscope? LabDevice developed an easy to use active current probe which is able to plot a current profile on an oscilloscope. Two types of current probes with different measurement ranges are available:

  • one with +/-100mA
  • the other one with +/-1A

The current probes measure with the following key features:

  • supports measurements in the low uA range.
  • two selectable ranges per device
  • high bandwidth, up to 2.2MHz
  • bandwidth limitation (BWL) switch 22.5kHz
  • supports accurate DC measurements
  • high output dynamic range +/-10V 
  • Input voltage range -9.7V...+10.0V
  • supplied with standard mini USB connector.

It can be used in many different measurement situation.


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